Civic Winery Amphora Pet Nat 2020

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The Vineyard
Johan Vineyard is a certified biodynamic vineyard sitting at the furthest eastern reaches of the Van Duzer Corridor. Planted at lower elevation in the path of cool Pacific wind, grapes ripen slowly, gaining flavor and retaining acidity. Farmer Elise Hansen now manages the vineyard as well as the farm, having worked with former manager Dan Rinke. She continues the commitment to regenerative agriculture and will be continuing the operation in the same trajectory you're familiar with but with a few new focal areas like chickens and ducks, a starter flock of sheep and additional farm diversification.

The Wine
Due to lower yields in Oregon in 2020 and the impact of severe fires in September, we had to be flexible in our winemaking decisions this harvest. We worked with Johan to help with changes from their farm, and bought more Pinot Noir and no Chardonnay. We also decided to allocate 10% of our Chenin Blanc from Tuckaway Vineyard (Elkton AVA, 100% organic) to this pét-nat. This was our first year working with Tuckaway Chenin Blanc and we’re hooked.
Pinot Noir grapes were handpicked the morning of October 5 and Chenin Blanc grapes were handpicked on October 7, whole cluster pressed, and the juice was hyperoxidized. After settling, the Pinot Noir juice was racked off the gross lees into 100% NOVUM amphorae where fermentation began spontaneously. Same for the Chenin Blanc, but into a concrete egg. As primary fermentation was finishing, the pinot noir and chenin blanc were blended in tank and racked off of fine lees then chilled to halt fermentation.